Ruth Hartley Mosley Center



Please be reassured that Ruth Hartley Mosley Memorial Center is following the health and safety guidance regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the local public health departments.


The Ruth Hartley Mosley Memorial women's Center is a non-profit organization with the main goal and mission of enhancing and increasing opportunities for women, as well as providing services to the surrounding community. The idea behind the Women's Center came from its founder Ruth Hartley Mosley, who left behind an iron-clad last Will and Testament to establish and maintain a non-profit organization that would carry on her legacy. She broke many barriers during her lifetime and accomplished numerous achievements thought to be impossible for women and African Americans of her generation.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ruth Hartley Mosley Memorial Women's Center is to cooperate with a variety of community of organizations to provide resources focused on enhancing life skills and empowering the family unit.

When visiting our venue, you will find the originality of the house is still in tact. Upon entering, you will literally feel the presence of the woman who gave so much of her life towards helping the people of our community. Enjoy the beauty and elegance of a venue where you can meet, greet or dine in class.